Jamie Lawrence

I’ve been known as:
Software Engineer, Researcher, Senior Researcher, Research Fellow, PhD student, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Freelance Rails developer

Professional Interests (at some point): Software engineering principles, Multi-agent systems, emergent and self-organising systems, wireless and ad-hoc networks, ambient and pervasive computing, data mining, semantic web, social networks, Java and software engineering, social and environmental responsibility for new technologies.

Technical Interests: Ruby on Rails (at the moment)

Personal Interests: Nature and wildlife, photography, good food and wine, walking and swimming.

Favourite Places on this little planet: Ireland (Inch, Co. Kerry), New Zealand, Whitsundays, Sydney, Tasmania, Vancouver.

Motto: “Ignorance breeds innovation” and “Memento Mori”

Contact: I may be contacted by email on jamie@ideasasylum.com

You can find out more about me from my CV or on LinkedIn. I’m also pretty active on Twitter.