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Jamie Lawrence

I help non-technical founders start their business, build their product, get their first customers, and grow their technical team. I'm a generalist software engineer and I've worked with many different languages over the past 15 years but my current tool of choice is Ruby on Rails. I'm also an enthusiastic photographer and a novice archer

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June 10, 2007 2

Enums, Interfaces and Method Implementations

Sorry, this is a slightly technical post… please ignore if you don’t read Java. All Java programmers know that method implementation can’t appear interfaces. Basically, the interface let you define constants and method declarations but you need to put the implementation into a class which implements that interface. Well, that was true until Java 5. […]

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June 6, 2007 0

Eclipse Cheatsheets

I’ve used Netbeans for the past 4 years but I’ve recently been using Eclipse at work. I’ve produced two cheatsheets that I keep close by which describe the various keyboard shortcuts and icons in Eclipse (all taken from the help file included in v3.2 — but better formatted onto 2 pages) keys [pdf]icons [pdf]

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March 4, 2005 6

Embedded Databases: A Performance Comparison

I’ve finally published my article comparing the performance of three pure-Java, embedded databases and MySQL. Summary: HSQLDB is ridiculously fast and it will be replacing MySQL in my simulation. I’ve submitted links to the article at TheServerSide and JavaLobby, so there might be some interesting discussions there (or there might not, we’ll see if anyone […]

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