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Jamie Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence

I help non-technical founders start their business, build their product, get their first customers, and grow their technical team. I'm a generalist software engineer and I've worked with many different languages over the past 15 years but my current tool of choice is Ruby on Rails. I'm also an enthusiastic photographer and a novice archer

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January 21, 2013 0

Picks of the week: Papertrail, rack-ssl-enforcer, WP-Markdown and Marked

I recently set up PaperTrail on our production server and it’s extremely useful. It basically uploads the log files you configure, aggregates them and let’s you search them. That’s useful but what’s blow-me-away amazing is setting up saved searches and alerts. Now I can easily be notified when a particular user logs it, or when […]

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November 16, 2012 0

Picks of the Week: The Flinch, Yankee Candles, BrowserStack and Palua

The Flinch — I picked up this from the Business Jazz podcast by Roger Overall and Paul O’Mahony. It’s a short read about doing the things that scare us and that, instead of flinching away, we should be flinching forward. It accurately reflected my attitude post-car accident but a good reminder for other areas of […]

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November 9, 2012 0

Picks of the Week: Draper, Speedo MP3 player, mails_viewer

I always get a little bit jealous listening to various podcasts (Ruby Freelancers / Ruby Rogues) which ask their guests for “picks” every week. Since no one is inviting me a podcast every week, I thought I’d start to share my weekly picks any way. It’ll be a mix of general life stuff, programming stuff […]

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