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A Book Journey for Non-technical Founders

There’s a gazillion business books out there, everything from tactile guides to strategic visions, from dry textbooks to inspiration biographies. A lot of good books didn’t make this list1 but I think it represents a good “journey” from the fear and...

Show dont tell

Show, don’t tell

Our 7yo started horse riding last summer and she really loved it but a fall, various sicknesses and bad weather meant she hadn’t been going regularly since December. Naturally, she’d built up some resistance to going back: horse riding is scary, tiring...

My best swims come when i…

The key to my best swimming

I was pacing around the house this morning drinking a Berocca, looking for paracetamol and procrastinating about going to the pool. My back was really sore; I was tired; and was feeling sick (I’ve got some long-term stomach problems). When I arrived...

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The Triangle Question

I’m currently entertaining myself by working through the Ruby Koans which I’d somehow missed over the last few years.

Most of the questions are fairly mundane like

def test_iterating_with_each
  array = [1, 2, 3]
  sum = 0
  array.each do |item|
2015 04 07 at 18.38

Zapier Marketing Automation for Consultants

I’m rebuilding my consulting site as part of a wider process of marketing my services. One crucial part is how people contact me: I like to have a form because the typical emails I get are usually pretty vague, leading to even more vague and confusing...

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Rebuilding my Consulting Site from scratch

I’ve tried themes. Lots of themes. I always start with a theme and often customise it until it’s barely recognisable. I was on my third theme for my consulting site and it really wasn’t speaking to me. It was busy. It used all the modern things like...

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SSL the easy way

A long time ago I wrote up how to setup SSL with Rails 3.2, nginx and NameCheap. That will forever be known as “the hard way”. I still need to do things the hard way with my current project but for all new projects I’m going to take one of the easier...

2015 01 23 at 22.07

Default has_one instances in Rails without the performance hit

My first ill-fated attempt

A while ago, I added an optional profile object for our users. I thought, in my haste, that the easiest way to provide an default profile instance would be like this:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :profile
2014 11 23 at 23.17

Schema vs Query-based Multitenancy

Most SaaS application are “multi-tenancy” to some extent (i.e., host more than one customer on the same system) but typically the term is reserved for apps that have company accounts, each with multiple users, authorisations etc. These companies would...

2014 11 13 at 22.08

When you hire them, their problems are your problems

As a young corporal in the Air Training Corps, one of the most valuable lessons I learnt was:

You can delegate responsibilty but you cannot delegate accountability

What does that mean? It means that when you delegate a task to a subordinate, you...

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