Papers and Reports

9 Month Report [450KB]. This report was submitted as part of the department’s PhD process and, as such, it is not normally a public document. Just 3 months after I wrote the document, my thoughts have moved on a little, the focus of the project has changed and the plan has become (a little) clearer. In other words, read the report but don’t assume its current accuracy.

LEAP into Ad-hoc Networks, Workshop on Agents in Ubiquitous and Wearable Computing, AAMAS 2002 (Bologna, Italy).

Ubiquitous Annoyance Communicate Volume 5, Issue 2 (December 2000). ‘Communicate’ was the technical journal of my now deceased employer, Broadcom Eireann Research. The article describes a mechanism using the dynamic proxy class of Java 1.3 in order for Jini services to interoperate when standardised interfaces fail.

Position Papers, Posters and Abstracts

Communities of Collocation. Jamie Lawrence, Terry Payne and Dave De Roure, “UK-UbiNet Workshop”:, 9-11th February (Bath, UK).

Exploiting Familiar Strangers: creating a community content distribution network of co-located individuals. Jamie Lawrence and Terry Payne, FOAF Workshop, September 2004 (Galway, Ireland) [“pdf”:/research/publications/Lawrence2004.pdf]

Making use of Insignificant Interactions, Jamie Lawrence & Terry Payne, presented at the “Equator”: All-Hands Meeting (Bristol), February 2004. [abstract] [poster 2.5MB]


Presentation at FIPA 25 (Vancouver) on deploying agents in ad-hoc networks

Other Documents

LEAP for Ad-hoc Networks. An initial document soliciting feedback from the “JADE”:, “LEAP”: and FIPA: communities (published via mailing lists)

Response to the FIPA TC Ad-hoc Call for Technology