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Apologies to all :-( For those of who have been…

Apologies to all :-(
For those of who have been reading my weblog at http://hopeless.weblogs.com and have found yourself here I apologise for the completed lack of decent content. The news is out there but I’m in a crisis over how to present it to you. Manilla site (such as weblogs) are centrally hosted and slow, Blogger has been unreliable for the past week and doesn’t allow story categories, UserLand Radio sounds good but won’t work behind my firewall. So I’m on the lookout for a good, simple, PHP weblogging script (not Perl! yuk!) which I can host at ideas asylum. All suggestions are welcome… so far I’m evaluating phpWeblog, and PHPNuke.

My Brain, your brain and Kurzweil brain on the web
Take a look at Ray Kurzweil’s new site (well, I hadn’t found until last week). Well presented (if a bit slow) and lots of great information including plenty of Kurzweil’s essays which are definately worth reading. The most interesting part of the site is his Brain (mostly on AI stuff). This is a dynamic, non-hierarchical representation of “thoughts” linked together - produced by theBrain. An interesting way to collect together URLs but I need to make it work with the excellent Powermarks bookmark manager - that’s next weekend’s job!

Somewhere interesting to go…
In the meantime, one of my favourite weblogs is eBiquity hosted by Harry Chen with contributions from Tim Finin.

Thoughts and comments on any or all of the above are welcome…