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Why is this weblog so quiet? Well, I also keep a …

Why is this weblog so quiet? Well, I also keep a private diary and research log which I have been posting to regularly.

It seems I’m not noticing as much useful “news” anymore as I’m too busy researching. Also, my work is still defining itself and taking shape so the topics of this blog are still a bit confusing for me. Don’t despair! I’m going to resume regular publishing in the next few months as my life settles down a bit.

Here’s one bit of news. I’ve finished the Blogger template for this weblog - hope you like it plain and simple. The rest of the site will be gradually updated now I have my own laptop and the occasional evening free to work on it. The first target is the resources section as I have many books I’d like to review and thousands of URLs to share. After that will probably be the smart-stuff database for unwanted ideas because although I don’t think it will be used much (except by me) it is quick to implement. Beyond that I’ll fill in details of my research as and when I’ve done something concrete.

Bye for now!