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Java PDA’s to watch out for Sharp have opened a d…

Java PDA’s to watch out for
Sharp have opened a developers access program for their forthcoming Linux/Java PDA, the SL-5000. PersonalJava comes as standard but there’s no wireless connectivity (Bluetooth or WiFi). It has has a really nice sliding cover which reveal a micro-querty keyboard which is obviously an improvment over any handwriting recognition.
On a related note there are some nice pics of Nokia’s Symbian-based smartphone due Q2 next year. In common with the Sharp PDA it will be Java-enabled (J2ME MIDP) and has a sliding keyboard (though this time it is just a standard phone keypad). Connectivity is supplied through Bluetooth, IrDA, GPRS, HSCSD and Multimedia messaging. It also has a VGA quality camera which I feel verges on the border of “insane useless features”. Anyhow, if my current phone can last until this baby is available I probably treat myself, else I’ll have to opt for the Ericsson T68