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The sad demise of technology It is not only gadge…

The sad demise of technology
It is not only gadgets which have a limited shelf life and an unshakable destiny to be condemmed to the scrap heap. The last Vulcan likely to fly again will probably never get the chance to do so. The Vulcan was a huge delta-winged bomber left over from the Cold War. It had a proud heritage and along with its sister aircraft the Valiant and Victor, the Vulcan formed the famous V-bomber trio.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Vulcan fly during some of its last performances in the UK. I cannot describe the shear power the Vulcan had as it made a fast, low pass down the airfield before pulling up and performing the most impressive stall turn I’ve ever seen. Remember this is an aircraft almost as large as some passenger jets today. You didn’t just see the Vulcan coming. You didn’t just hear it coming, although you could hear nothing but its four engines. You felt the whole airfield shake, you felt the air pressure change and the sound reverbarate inside your lungs. You were speechless.
I’m glad to hear that others have found the Vulcan display to be so… awesome. And I’m sad that the day of seeing these old aircraft flying are now gone. Here are some strange facts about the Vulcan.