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Solve these problems: When was the last time you w…

Solve these problems:
When was the last time you were at a meeting and were trying to reschedule the next one? Each person calls out suggestions based on their own calendar and everyone else checks that date, someone inevitably rejects it and the cycles starts over. Soon your come to the conclusion that there is no perfect date so a compromise is sought. Why isn’t this sorted out by now? Why don’t we have diaries which can negociate with each other? We don’t even have the ability to discover which days have the least collisions?

One of the reason that this problems hasn’t been satisfactorily solved is that everyone is using different devices, different operating systems and different PIMs. The information is locked away in the applications and must be exported to make use of it. Information doesn’t flow, its pumped. It involves the expediture of energy to move it from one place to another. Perhaps database-style filesystems will help, perhaps common, well-known information stores like the address book on the Palm are the answer or maybe the semantic web will save us.

These tasks really shouldn’t be so hard.