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What’s wrong with Subversion?

Subversion is a replacement for the (in my opinion) terrible CVS. I use Subversion (a.k.a svn) to version copies of ideasasylum, my other smaller websites and all the code I work on. I can’t really comment on its scalability and enterprise-worthiness but it works well for me. It is particularly good when working on rapidly evolving projects where files and folders get moved around. In this case svn can maintain the history of the file across various moves and copies whereas cvs can’t. Major bonus. The other major bonus is the efficient storage of binary files which inevitabily find there way into source code and especially websites. There are other nice things like the ability to specify external dependancies for a particular module. For example, if you’re working on a plug-in for an application you can define that application’s source code as a dependancy which will be updated when you update the plug-ins, etc. It helps keep things in step.

So I really haven’t had any problems with my svn repository but here’s someone else’s opinion.