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Ireland on Bush

Two weeks ago, I was wondering what the Irish felt about Bush. Well, the Irish Times has asked the question: Would you like to see George W Bush re-elected? 21% said YES, 79% said NO. I guess this is why so many people outside the U.S. are baffled by the current 50-50 split. I’ve heard Bush supporters on the radio and it basically comes down to “the devil you know”, whereas in Europe the attitude seems to be “how could Kerry be worse?”.

Oh, and just to show that the English aren’t the only one’s who should bow and kiss the almighty feet on the Americans, here’s a comment left by one:

The irish people should wake up and start supporting the US and our President. If it was not for the United States you all would speaking German.
d, United States
mmm… though I wouldn’t wish for a different result from WW2, I think this “you’d be speaking German” thing is crap. Sure, we’d probably be speaking German but then so would Africa and (probably) eventually Russia too – and the U.S. would be a second-rate superpower. So, let’s not pretend the American involvement in WW2 was a purely altruistic act.