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Global Warming

The picture above are taken from a Wired news story about the effects of global warming on the U.S. The first image is the arctic ice field in 1979, the other is the field in 2003. Perhaps the environmental ostriches in the U.S. will take their heads out of the sand/bank/arse long enough to see the pictures. Something in this world is changing and something is causing that change. It’s effects are unlikely to be utopian and we need to do something about it.

Wired also had a picture of Florida, in 2100, showing the areas which will be flooded as the seas rise 3ft. But, since I’m not exactly enamored with Florida, I haven’t bothered linking to the picture here.

The report
[pdf, 2MB] behind the news story contains some interesting conclusions:

Sufficient studies now exist to conclude that the consequences of climate change are already detectable within U.S. ecosystems.

The timing of important ecological events, including the flowering of plants and the breeding times of animals, has shifted, and these changes have occurred in conjunction with changes in U.S. climate.

Geographic ranges of some plants and animals have shifted northward and upward in elevation, and in some cases, contracted.

Ecosystem processes such as carbon cycling and storage have been altered by climate change.

The findings that climate change is affecting U.S. biological systems are consistent across different geographic scales and a variety of species, and these U.S. impacts reflect global trends.

There is an emerging link between observed changes in wild plants and animals across the U.S. and human-driven global increases in greenhouse gases.