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The New Religion of Terrorism

A while back the FBI confiscated some servers from IndyMedia, an independent media organisation. The FBI now claim this was part of an investigation into ‘criminal terrorism’. Terrorism/ist has now been elevated to the status of a religion — and the burning of heretics is well underway. So Terrorism can now be incorporated into any phrase which cannot be questioned, doubted or disputed without invoking the wrath of the 9/11 believers.

I have a new phrase: academic terrorism. This applies to anyone who disagrees with my work, argues with my methods or reasoning, or attempts to trick me by referring to obscure research.

Do you know any academic terrorists? Have you witnessed incidents of academic terrorism? Please be vigilant around universities, as the authorities believe they are the primary recruiting ground for this latest threat to our society.

I have my 9mth viva in two weeks and no doubt I will be the victim of academic terrorism. My supervisors and internal examiner will be the latest addition to the terrorism watch list. Now, where’s the Guantanamo Bay for academics? Actually, the no-fly list would probably be a more effective punishment for these terrorists.