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Acronis are a great little company that make affordable software utilities that beat the well-established competition. I’ve got a copy of their “OS Selector 8” (now replaced by Disk Director Suite - I think), which basically does the job of any number of open source bootloaders (i.e., selecting a operating system at boot time) but also it incorporates a hard disk partitioning utility. I’ve resized more partitions, on more machines, than is really sensible and OS Selector has never failed me.

For the last two years, courtesy of Hilary, I have been using a copy of TrueImage 6 for backing up an image of my laptop onto a network drive. Again, I’ve had no problems with the software but then the laptop hasn’t (touch wood) died a death so I haven’t needed to test the image restoration process. Anyway, yesterday I upgraded to TrueImage 8 for £11 (with a festive 40% discount). And, because Acronis are such nice people, they allow me to pass the vouchers on to you to!

So, if you’re interested in buying any of Acronis’ products, email me (before Christmas) and I’ll forward you the email for a 40% discount before 31st January. TrueImage 8 would cost only $29.99 with this discount. I feel it’s important to support the small underdogs in the software business, especially when (I believe) most of their development is done in Russia/Europe and they produce good looking, affordable and functional products.