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We made this!

I bet no one else spent part of their bank holiday sewing together a Tux! We did.

For some unknown reason, I came across an open source pattern for making your own Linux mascot (‘Tux’). Even more bizarrely, myself and Hilary decided to make one: I’m trying to write a mini-thesis at the moment, which means that I need to have enough content to write a paper so I’m aiming for Pervasive2006, which has a deadline of 30th September. Of course, I need results to write a paper about, which means I need an implementation of an algorithm, which implies having an algorithm. I have none of these things but I still decided to spend 6hours on Saturday putting together a plush Tux toy.

The pattern isn’t exactly up to the standards Hilary is used to so there was a fair bit of improvisation but he came out alright in the end. And, no, Hilary didn’t do all the sewing — I did my fair share, mostly wings, feet and beak. I’ll perhaps write more when I have time about the actual process.

If you want to share in the craziness of it all, the patterns are available online and you can keep abreast of news in tux-making-land or join the other open source penguin-seamstresses on the mailing list. Our photos are also online. For reasons are aren’t terribly clear to me, his name is Torvill.