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Why don’t I care?

The flooding in New Orleans seems to be pretty bad, destroying not only lives but family homes, possessions and pets. However, I’ve been feeling guilty because I don’t really care. I hear the reports on the news but I don’t feel any deep sympathy. I think America has spent all the good will I can ever have towards it. And, I wonder how many people around the world are secretly glad that this misfortune has fallen on the U.S.

This disaster also seems to highlighting racial differences in the news reporting: black people loot, white people find.

To my mind, a far more tragic occurance happened yesterday when 600 people were killed in Iraq during a stampede caused by rumours of suicide bombers.

Oh, forgot to mention: If you live in a city below sea level, you have to expect to get wet sometimes. That goes for the Dutch too. And in other breaking news, people living near active volcanos can expect to get hot, those living under snowy mountains will be cold, and so on…