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Electronics and Computer Science Dept. on Fire

One of the Electronics and Computer Science buildings (Mountbattan) at Southampton University caught fire this morning. This building is situated next to mine (Zepler) and connected by a bridge. I’m not sure about the state of Zepler although I suspect it’ll be alright. The fire apparently started in the fabrication lab. It’s currently raining lightly which will help although there is a stiff breeze. As far as I know, all my work is safe on my laptop and not in the building but there are plenty of students and lecturers that aren’t so lucky.

There is extended coverage on Radio Solent and there’s a traffic webcam near the scene.

Currently ECS email and webservers are down so send any email to jamie at ideasasylum. In the meantime, I think I’ll go up there and see what’s happening.

update: there are more images on this blog but it does seem that Zepler is ok. The Gover building, which houses some flats, Waterstones, etc. is reported as being unaffected.