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"That would be like buying you socks"

Yesterday was my birthday but I got my present from Hilary on Sunday. It’s a “Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro” lens and it’s brilliant.

I’ve only played with it briefly on Sunday in the New Forest but I’m really really impressed already. I’m also really impressed with Hilary for buying it, even though it was bold financially. As I’ve mentioned, everything I want ends up around the £70-100 mark but we had been talking about getting an external hard drive for backing up the laptop and storing my increasing collection of photos (only 3GB left on my laptop!). I’d been waiting for the WD MyBook to become available and had even pointed out that dabs had the 320GB version for <£100. I wasn’t expecting to get the external drive but I figured it was cheaper and easier for Hilary to buy so it was certainly more likely. When asked why she didn’t get the drive she replied :

“that would be like buying you socks. [the drive] is something you need, [the lens] is something you really want
You’ve got to love a woman who can say that!

This is the maximum zoom of my current lens (70mm):

… and the new lens (300mm):

Finally, I’ve got a reasonable picture of a deer in Bolderwood:

And, a stunning picture of a foal that started getting a little too friendly: