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Crumpler “Stunner” Review

h2. Introduction

The Crumpler “Stunner” is small photo bag capable of holding a DLSR and one or two lenses.


<!–more–>I’d previously used a Lowepro Mini TLZ bag, which snuggly fitted my Dynax 5D and 18-70mm kit lens. However, the arrival of a Sigma 70-300 lens necesitated the purchase of a new bag which would hold the 5D with the 70-300 lens attached, and the 18-70 in the bag (or vice versa). I’d been interested in the Lowepro Slingshot 100 because it’s still a small bag, but behaves like a backpack. However, it was just a little too small to fit the Sigma lens. Instead, I noticed the Crumpler “Stunner” on sale and eventually decided to buy it.

h2. Overview

The bag is a basic shoulder bag with large flap which lifts to allow access to the photo compartment. This compartment is protected by two lids, a small stiff lid that folds into the compartment, and then a larger flap that covers the whole top and front of the bag. Both flaps are secured by velcro and the outer flap can also use an optional buckle. At the front of the bag, underneath the outer flap, is a generous accessory pocket.

h2. Construction

The bag has the same tough material and large zip present in the “Formal Lounge”:http://jamie.ideasasylum.com/notebook/pages/crumpler-formal-lounge-review backpack.

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The interior is the common “soft velcro” stuff that allows the interior dividers to be re-positioned. I’ve managed to arrange it so that the Dynax 5D will fit in with either the Sigma or kit lens attached, and the other in a side section. There’s still room in the other side section for some small accessories such as a body cap, strap or even a small 50mm lens. The inner flap is a little tight to close with the 5D & 70-300 but not uncomfortably so. And this inner lid can be velcro’d up to the outer flap so that they close together (nice design).

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The front section contains spare cards, batteries, cloth etc and has velcro and zipped sections if you need them.


h2. Carrying

It has a large padded strap which makes it very comfortable to carry… particularly across your shoulders. There’s also a small attachment strap on either side of the bag for accessories (e.g. waterbottle), which I’ve used for a GPS receiver but probably isn’t ideal for a tripod. I found that the padded strap made the bag slip a little when carried on one shoulder like a handbag (possibly cured with the application of some sticky-substance like silicone sealant) and there’s no handle for carrying it by hand.

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h2. Conclusions

I’m fairly happy with the “Stunner”. It looks good (and not like a photo bag), it’s quite small but carries what I need (and only what I need), it’s comfortable and (because it was on sale) cheap. If it had been there, for about the same price, I’d have been tempted to go for the slightly larger “Long Schlong” bag. Other reviews of the “Stunner” can be found on “the CamBags site”:http://www.cambags.com/canon/300d_10_20d/shoulder/crumpler_stunner_frames.htm.

Would I have bought it at full-RRP price? No, probably not but then I’m not flush with cash and neither would I have bought the much larger Slingshot 200 — I’d have probably ended up with a boring, black, “photo”-looking bag from Lowepro like the “Nova range”:http://lowepro.com/Products/Shoulder_Bags/allWeather/Nova_2_AW.aspx.