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It's not about solving a problem — it's about how you solve it

I just can’t accept that a PhD is not about solving a problem. My thought process is: I have a problem, I need to find a the solution. But I’ve been repeatedly advised that solving the problem is not a PhD topic… how I go about solving it is what will get me a PhD. I just don’t work like that. I don’t care about the process, I only care about the end result. I’m not (too) interested in how something is built, only that it is built. I have plenty of ideas but I’m more interested in their existance than their realisation.

Anyway, the PhD seems to be at the crash-and-burn point; you know, like a plane trying to take off: running out of runway but still under a 100ft and the wings are starting to stall. Or, in plain English, I’ve run out of time, I haven’t made enough progress and I’m just sick-and-tired of it now. Sigh.