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Lucky the Leprechaun

The Register has a brief article about Ireland trying to fix it’s e-voting problems but it was this quote that had me laughing into my desk:

Ireland will be embarrassed without computerised balloting, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern claimed during a Dáil session last week.
“We have to correct the software, which will cost €500,000 and try to move forward. Otherwise, this country will move into the 21st century being a laughing stock with our stupid old pencils,” the Taoiseach explained.
(The Times Online quoted him as saying “stupid aul pencils”, but we can assure readers that the Taoiseach does not, in fact, talk like animated Lucky Charms cereal pitchman Lucky the Leprechaun.)

During our honeymoon in Westport, we met passed Bertie in Westport as he was walking about the town. He was mostly surrounded by the public, other political official and reporters – and perhaps one or two discrete bodyguards. There’s something nice about a country where you can stand within 6 feet of the democratic leader and not be branded a terrorist. Oh, and Ireland is also top of the “don’t oppress your press” league (the UK is joint 11th, the US is joint 28th — North Korea is not the place to start a journalism career though)