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Note: As a promotional offer, I’ve been given a free licence key by the developers of WinSnap. However, most of my review if based on my experiences over the past month with the free version.

About a month ago I came across WinSnap — a lovely neat utility for grabbing screenshots. I’ve previously used the screen capture functionality of Paintshop Pro but that has seemed overkill and more recently I’d resorted to using ALT-PRINTSCREEN, paste into IrfanView and then edit/crop as required.

WinSnap will capture the whole screen, particular windows, applications or regions and then save the image with a configurable effects (soft shadow, rounded corners, watermarking etc). See the visual explanation of WinSnap’s features here. You can see the soft-shadow effect on this region grab in a previous post. Possibly one of the nicest things is the region selection which provides a magnifier (that keeps out of your way) to enable pixel-perfect selections. This is a screenshot of WinSnap’s region magnifier but taken with my old method of screenshots (PRINTSCRN+Irfanview):

And here’s a much nicer region capture by WinSnap:

Personally, I haven’t found many essential improvements between the free version and the recent commercial release. v2 adds lots of good support for Vista (which is nice & essential but only if you have Vista, most people don’t), better shadows using alpha transparency (great if you site’s background isn’t white, mine is), and “multi-object captures” (although I still haven’t figured what this is or how it works). The only missing feature that I can think of would be a built-in button to upload the screenshots to a web server. Having said that, v2 includes the ability to call external tools so it’s probably not too hard to send the screenshot to an FTP server that way.

Is it worth $19.95? Possibly but as a non-Vista-using, white-backgrounded, occasional-screenshoter, I’d have made do with the free version.