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Recruitment Agents

It’s quite staggering the gulf between a good recruitment agent and a bad one. The bad ones are just after your CV, and your name in their database, so that they can encourage employers. Unfortunately, they’re usually short of both candidates and positions… mostly because they’re a) lazy, b) rude or c) incompetent (in order of likelihood).

Take, for example, the email sent to me by Cruz recruitment:

I am contacting you from CRUZ Recruitment in regard to potential opportunities in the Cork area.
Can you please forward your cv for review and a salary expectation?
Now, doesn’t that sound a bit canned? And, since they got my email of Monster they already have a copy of my CV, my salary expectation and the types & locations of positions I’m looking for. Also, if you go to their website, the only jobs their offering in Co. Cork (my specified location) are 3 accountancy jobs.

I’ve also had a woman from Galway trying to convince me that although I wanted to work for a medium- or large business in/around Cork city, a small startup in Tuam would be much better. And, sure, aren’t there direct flights from Galway to Cork? Bah…

Contrast that approach with the two agents that eventually got me job offers. They rang me up. They’d already had a good-fitting position in mind before they contacted me (which meant they’d at least skimmed my details). In one case the agent spent a good 20-25minutes talking to me on the first phone call. The other agent personally met me to talk about a company and prepare for the interview. I won’t mention specific people, or which job I took in the end, but ePeople and Manpower are both on my good list.

p.s. speaking of agents, we’ve just placed a holding deposit on a three-bed house between Kinsale and Cork. We’re not moving in until May but that gives us time to buy the furniture to fill it with. Wahoo! BBQ/party in the summer!