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First Day of Work

Yesterday was my first day as an IBM employee. I’ve joined Vallent, a software company that provides performance management and service quality monitoring solutions for telecoms operators — and they’re a recent IBM acquisition. The first day was like all first days: confusing, overwhelming, boring and generally good. I’m glad to be joining a great company, with a solid development process and working on some dastardly complex products. This job is exactly what I need (and more than I could have wished for) to wash away the academia and bring me solidly back into the world of software engineering. Being part of the huge IBM family is just an added bonus but, after all the small companies I’ve worked in, I’m really looking forward to learning to swim in the big pond.

Just a reminder: as always, the content of this site is of my own doing and I’ll never pretend to represent the views of Vallent or IBM. Nor will I mention anything terribly specific about the people, the company, the products, the customers or the work I’m undertaking.

P.S. Vallent are hiring in both Cork and Galway (we’re looking to fill a large number of positions). If you’re a software engineer with solid commercial experience, let me know and I’ll pass on your details.