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Aerosmith concert

Myself and Hilary went to see Aerosmith in Marley Park on Tuesday night.  The concert was pretty good but not enough of the older stuff for my liking.  Still, it did give us the excuse to spend 2 days in Dublin shopping and revisiting our old haunts:

  • Books in Hodges Figgis, of course!  €100 in books spent in the first few hours of arriving into the city.  Nowhere better in Ireland for computing books.
  • Lunch in Yamamori:  The best japanese restaurant in Ireland, now with a separate sushi restaurant near the Ha'penny Bridge
  • Breakfast in Keoghs:  The best raspberry scones in Ireland, just off Dame St near the Pen Corner shop.
  • Lunch in Gotham Cafe: Food and service still as good as ever, but with newer decor!
The only thing I really missed out on was itsabagel and the Epicurean centre (off Abbey St) but that wasn’t time to eat anything else.  Oh, and there was plenty of shopping too ;-)

We stayed in La Stampa Hotel on Dawson St.  We’d been there previously when it was an extremely good (and expensive) restaurant so it was interesting to see how it’s changed.  There’s only 26 rooms which are accessed from a lift at the back of the bar but the rooms were beautifully furnished with eastern furniture, lamps, vases and bedclothes.  It’s part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World group, along with the Brooks Hotel in Dublin but I haven’t heard great things about the Brooks.  I got a room through CentralR for €145 which was pretty good considering the central location.  Highly recommended to anyone staying in the city.

The two days in Dublin were absolutely brilliant but I’m glad we’re not still living there.  Lovely to visit though.