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EXIF Date and Photo Titles in Smugmug

By default, my camera stores the comment “KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA” as the EXIF ImageDescription in each photograph I take. This isn’t much of a problem except that Smugmug thinks it’s a proper comment and displays it beneath each photo, which is pretty ugly:

Smugmug displays the standard ImageDescription for each photo

Until I’ve found a suitable workaround, the best option seems to be to change the ImageDescription tag to something more useful, like the filename. Enter ExifTool, a utility for reading and modifying the EXIF data in photos. After a little playing around with the compiled Windows .exe, I figured out that this command will change the value of the ImageDescription tag to the filename of each photo in the directory:

exiftool "-ImageDescription<$filename" *.jpg
Now, I can process a whole directory of images, upload them to Smugmug and the comments below each image become something useful. Smugmug displaying the modified ImageDescription