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First published photo!

The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind association runs a competition each year for doggy-related photos to include in their calendar. After much cajoling by my wife and mother (sometimes it’s a mixed blessing that they get on so well), I submitted three entries.

Today I got a very polite letter informing me that one of my photos has been selected for the 2008 calendar (although I don’t yet know which one, or for which month). I don’t know whether to count this as my first publication or first competition win. Hell, I’ll go with both! Previously, I’d complained that the 2007 calendar was full of out-of-focus, overexposed rubbish but of course the 2008 calendar will now be the pinnacle of Irish canine photography ;-)

The calendar will be widely available for sale towards the end of the year. The three entries I’d submitted are below:

First entry: Collie

Second entry: Collie lying down

Third entry: Hope