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Facebook doesn’t work (for me)


Facebook just isn’t working for me — I think it’s designed for people with friends. If you’re happy to have all your updates, photos, conversations etc on the one site, and share that info with just your “friends” then perhaps it does work. But the fact is that I don’t want to keep all my info on Facebook, and I don’t want to just share it with only the my 4 Facebook friends. Smugmug or Flickr are better places for sharing photos. Gmail is better for chatting and email. GoodReads is probably a better place for ticking off the books you read. Perhaps the problems is that I’m pretty exclusive with my Facebook “friends” because I figure they should actually be real friends/family, not vague acquaintances, colleagues, distant relative or people I’ve met online.

FriendFeed is a pretty cool site which aggregates all the information from disparate sites into a single RSS feed for anyone to subscribe to. It works with Smugmug, Flickr, GoodReads, your Amazon wishlist, Last.fm, Twitter, etc. Here’s my feed. It seems like a better alternative to Facebook for just aggregating online info together. And I can even include my FriendFeed in Facebook for my few real friends.

Is FriendFeed the next Facebook-like fad?  Yeah, probably.  But I’ll go with it for the moment cos it doesn’t lock me in like Facebook.