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Network Storage

I’m big into anything that means I don’t have to walk up and down the stairs at the moment. One of the annoying things was getting the laptop in the same place as the backup drive, which meant that I wasn’t actually making any backups. With lots of priceless baby pictures that kinda worries me. So I bought a 500GB Freecom Network Drive Pro which I can mount as a network drive which makes backups nice and easy, if a little slow.

The pro version also has some great features: you can mount an external USB drive to extend the storage (so I can make use of my old 320GB drive); you can FTP to the drive; there’s even a BitTorrent client to download your movies directly to the drive, if you’re into that sort of thing); and coolest of all, you can SSH into the drive since it’s just running linux. SSH is cool because it means that you can move files around the drive (or between the external and network drive) without incurring any sort of network overhead. Pretty sweet piece of kit.