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Retail Therapy

I’ve been quite depressed and restless lately. I’m not really sure what the problem is although there are plenty of good candidates. Anyway, for over a week I’ve had an overwhelming desire to plonk down a wad of cash on some extravagant piece of electronics: an XBox360, 20" monitor, headphones for the gym, Apple ipod mini, Tamron 17-50 lens, Sony A700, Sony CZ 16-80, whatever. The thing is that if I did buy any of those things (and yeah, I want and can probably justify them), I’d be even more miserable because of spending our limited money irresponsibly. I guess this reflects fairly badly on society’s consumerism culture and my place in it.

Buying things to make me happy is the quick fix and isn’t really going to solve my problems so I’ve resolved to only buy any of these items when I can do so without guilt or regret.