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BarCamp Cork

I had a good time at BarCamp Cork today, part of the recent movement of unconferences.  Basically, Foocamp was an invitation only conference so BarCamp was set up as the alternative scene, and these have been happening around the world since.  The sessions are all decided on the day with good ol’ fashioned post-it notes and anyone can speak if they want to.

I was actually surprised how well this worked out and how diverse and interesting the sessions were: Tax for Techies, Google SketchUp, Technology & Gealige, Twitter API integration were just some of those I attended.  A special mention must go to the Contrast lads (Eoghan & Des) who gave an impassioned talk on simplifying your webapp interfaces, which left me completely reconsidering what ShutterScouts should be and how it should function.  They preach from much the book as 37Signals but with a healthy dose of Irish wit and increduality. I wish the session had been captured on video as I’m sure a much wider audience could benefit from hearing their opinions (of which, they have plenty!).

Of course, meeting up with an old colleague really made the day and I’d really recommend you check out his recent app, TweetRush, a very nice looking Twitter analytics tool.