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I’ve recently started listening to quite a few podcasts, particularly at work or in the car using my fancy iPhone dock. Here’s my favourites:

Ruby Freelancers: I’m not a freelancer (yet, maybe) but this podcast is full of really good information. How to find clients, manage with clients, contracts, expectations — all good info for any freelance developer, not specifically Ruby. The guys also have a good banter and their “picks” would be interesting for anyone.

Ruby Rogues: This is another podcast in the Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails ecosystem but it’s a lot more technical. There’s probably not much that a non-Ruby programmer would get out of it but I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’d probably get a bit more out of it as get back to using Ruby more often.

Startups for the Rest of Us: I’ve listened to this for about 2years now and it’s really good, particularly for anyone who’s thinking/trying/actually starting their own business. Very practical, very actionable, very down-to-earth (this is not about your pie-in-the-sky VC-funded bullshit business). It’s also good to hear how Rob and Mike and making progress on their businesses

Circle of Confusion: Unlike the previous podcasts, this isn’t particularly actionable but it’s interesting to hear what Roger, Peter and Neil are working on. It’s also useful (to me) to hear the views of professional photographers on recent photography news and developments. Roger also has a new podcast which is just in it’s infancy but got off to a good start.

There’s more than twice as many podcasts on my list but these are the stand-out ones so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to add to this list as others prove themselves useful/interesting. Any other recommendations?

Addendum: I’d been using/suffering with the Instacast app on my iPhone for a while but I got sick of the odd sort ordering. I just couldn’t make it play the oldest episodes first and then play the next one in order. I’ve since switched to Downcast which is much better. Downcast has the concept of playlists so I can assign all my Ruby podcasts to one playlist and just listen to the one subject. The interface doesn’t look quite as polished as Instacast but it works much better.