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How to make your own Lens Wrap

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Or: how to do in 2.5hrs and €20 what a 10 year-old Indonesian child could do in 20mins for €0.50 — but you get a much greater sense of satisfaction and a lot less exploitation.

My new camera bag has quite generous-sized compartments which I’d occasionally like to double up to hold two smaller lens. To prevent the lenses knocking against each other, it’s prudent to have at least one wrapped in a cloth. Now, I could easily buy a lens wrap but my go-to places for cheap goods (eBay) or handmade items (Etsy) failed me. So I decided I could make my own with a bit of effort and some long-forgotten sewing skills.

I found a nice soft fleece material to line the inner, and a tougher cotton material with a cute bird motif for the outer (Vibes & Scribes in Cork is a treasure-trove of crafty goodness). I also found a thin sheet of foam material to provide a bit more cushioning. Ideally the fleece material would have been a microfibre to prevent fibres from getting on to the lenses etc but I’ll give this a shot.

So, here’s the brief steps:

 Materials: patterned cotton, yellow fleece, foam filling, paper for patterns and adhesive velcro squares

 First hurdle: threading the bobbin

 Trying out the stitches and seeing if I can manage a straight line (err... not quite)

 Cut out a "pattern". In this case, a 30x30cm square

 Cut out the inner and outer material using the paper pattern

 Tack the pieces together with the pattern facing inwards

 Sew three sides of the square together and cut the corners off (I always tidied up my edges)

 Fold back the remaining edge at the top, pin and tack to create a hem

 Turn the pocket you've created inside-out so the pattern is now on the outside

 Stuff the pieces with your foam material

 Hand sew the top edge (crocheters, knitters and other crafty types will laugh at my attempt but it's functional)

 Stick or sew velcro hook-and-loop fasteners onto each corner. Put the hook (rough) pieces on the outside

 The finished article