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Picks of the Week: The Flinch, Yankee Candles, BrowserStack and Palua

The Flinch — I picked up this from the Business Jazz podcast by Roger Overall and Paul O'Mahony. It’s a short read about doing the things that scare us and that, instead of flinching away, we should be flinching forward. It accurately reflected my attitude post-car accident but a good reminder for other areas of life.

Yankee Candles — they smell better than rotting rat/mouse under the office floorboards. Admittedly, that’s not a great endorsement but they also last a really long time. Great value.

BrowserStack — an extremely useful service for testing websites on different browsers. Just using your browser (and flash) you can fire up an instance of IE6 on WinXP, IE10 on Windows 8 or Safari on iOS6 to test your website. Even better, it’s very easy to set up a tunnel so you can use these remote browsers to test your local site. Well worth the monthly subscription for any web developer.

  Palua — is a really handy utility which switches the top row of keys between F1-F12 and their usual Mac functions (screen brightness, volume etc). It has a smart mode that can change the functionality based on the current app. So I use normal Apple mode everywhere except in Chrome where I like having the 1-click access to the F8, F10 keys for the debugger.