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Printing story cards from Pivotal Tracker

The advantage of tools like Pivotal Tracker is that you can easily collaborate online but, just occasionally, it’s nice to print out a stack of story cards, lay them out on a table and physically move them around.

Pivotal Tracker doesn’t have a means of printing (yeah, I was surprised too) but there are several tools out there which can build a PDF from your tracker stories. Many of the tools are broken by recent changes in the Pivotal Tracker UI, or changes in Ruby but here are two that worked for me:

Pivotal PDF is an online tool which connects to your PT account and builds a nicely formatted document of all your stories. This would be great to hand to a client before/after a contract as the stories are broken down. Unfortunately, there’s no way to exclude the ‘done’ stories but you can always strip throse pages out of the PDF.

This Ruby script produces basic looking 4x6 cards from the tracker CSV export file. It works well and runs on Ruby 1.9.3 (unlike the original).

Anyway, that’s what has worked for me