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What are you passionate about?

Avdi wrote an excellent rant about the use of the word ‘passionate’. Go read it, it’s brilliant.

I was at WebSummit in 2012 and I’d just walked around the floor for the first time. I was already shell-shocked by the gazillion social media startups and other assorted companies with impossible revenue models. And then, when introduced as a freelance developer, someone asked me “are you passionate about programming”. I… I… I…


I eventually stammered some lame response whilst my brain was thinking: “are you calling me shallow?”

I reckon you get to be deeply passionate about just one or maybe two things at any given time. Do you really want to make some frankly insignificant computer code one of the most important things in your life? If you answer ‘yes!’, I’m going to look at you like an insane person who has bitten the head off a chicken.

There are so many wonderful things in this world: friends, family, lovers, kids, animals, the beautiful landscape, art. Going and find some of those to be passionate about.