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Avoiding the Metrics Blackhole

I’ve been looking lots of various analytics services recently, particularly those for SaaS businesses that will calculate metrics, track events, and segment users. It’s a burgeoning industry.

But there’s a problem: these services are all POST, POST, POST and no GET, GET, GET.

Why is this a problem?

I hate to break it to you but there’s no One Metrics Service to Rule Them All™. There’s no one perfect service that does it all, that shows it all in exactly the way you want. Ideally you like to push your data to one service that tracks events, creates segments and tags users. Perhaps another service lets you automated your customer communication. Yet another service calculates the users’ LTV etc. And the final service builds a dashboard and daily/weekly reports.

No one service can, or should, do all that.

Outboard APIs for some popular services

trak.iono outboard API

saasoptics — no public documentation :-(


Mixpanelonly bulk export

Veroonly a bulk export of subscribers

intercom.ioonly POSTs and PUTs

customer.io — No API access as such but they support webhooks for incoming events (although I’m not sure that this contains any segment/value-add information)

(Vero, intercom and customer.io are really more customer communication tools but they’re also often used to segment users as well)

Totango — yay, they have a data api

keen.io — yay, another one that actually lets you query the data via an API

Baremetrics — not yet but coming!