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My Principles

I vehemently disagreed with the above tweet but it made me realise that I have some uncommon principles and recently those have been violated or questioned. I can’t really codify all my beliefs in a short, definitive list but here’s a first cut after 5 minutes thought:

  • I believe in working less, and living more
  • I believe in prioritising myself, family, health, and happiness over money
  • I believe in prioritising my family over myself (though there’s rarely a conflict)
  • I believe in charging fairly for the value I provide
  • I believe in paying fairly for the services I use and people I employ
  • I believe in doing things right
  • I believe in prioritising today over planning for tomorrow
  • I believe in improving myself: comparing myself today to myself yesterday; not comparing myself to others
  • I believe in treating people fairly, using the above principles even if it’s not their principles
  • I believe in standing on my own two feet
  • I believe in remaining independently autonomous
  • I believe in the importance of being connected to like-minded people
  • I believe in preserving the wildness of our natural environment, over the comfort of people
  • I believe in treasuring wildlife as if it was human, unless that conflicts with human life
  • I believe in seeking calm & serenity
  • I believe in building things, for the enjoyment and pride of doing so
  • I believe in fixing things where possible
  • I believe in receiving help when it benefits all of the above principles