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Everything I know about… Learning Rails

This is part of a series of articles which attempts to encapsulate everything I know about a subject at the time of writing. It does not mean I'm an expert. If anything, it encapsulates my naivete at the time of writing but I still hope this information will be useful to those a little earlier on their journey. These are the things I wish I could have learnt the easy way

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Why you should/shouldn’t listen to me

I seriously started learning Rails back in around 2008 after a bad car accident and I eventually found a way to transition out of Java and into Rails for my full-time job. Everything has changed since then so, to be honest, I have no idea how to learn Rails in 2021. None of the resources I used are relevant today but people do occasionally still ask me how to learn Rails.

These are the places I’d currently point them to…

A print book: Agile web development with Rails 6

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This is actually a revised edition of a book I have read… but back in the Rails 4 days.


A comprehensive course: The Ruby on Rails Tutorial

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A practical course: Learn Rails by Building Instagram


This is a practical course written by Andrea, one of our developers at Podia. In it, you learn Rails by building Instagram, an app you’re probably pretty familiar with.


Bite-sized videos: GoRails

GoRails is the modern successor to RailsCasts, which provided me with that just-in-time learning when I was starting with Rails. The videos are great and the community is excellent.