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Limbo Learnings

After 3 months I’ve lost 14kg, hit my initial weight loss goal, and improved my swim fitness



I'm on a one month sabbatical from work so I'm reflecting a bit on what hobbies are, what they mean to me, and how they fit into my life.


Cloudflare Tunnels for Local Development

Sometimes you need to open up your local dev machine to the internet to show some WIP or receive a webhook. Here's a way to do that using Cloudflare Tunnels that works with subdomains, allows you to test Cloudflare headers, and doesn't cost anything…

business tech

The Manager's Stack

As my job has changed from developer to manager, so Sublime Text and iTerm have become less important to me. I’ve substituted my old toolset for a new bunch of tools that help me to manage the dev team at [Podia](https://www.podia.com).

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