Jamie Lawrence

Tools of Podia (2020 edition)

Here’s a quick list of the main tools and technologies we use at Podia. It’s especially skewed towards tools in use by the dev team, since that’s what I’m most qualified to talk about. We use other tools in support, marketing, and accounting but I don’t have much of an opinion about them 🤪

It’s a mix of core technologies, SaaS tools, and open source libraries that are currently top of my mind. There’s probably a lot more I could add if I thought about it for longer. For the sake of brevity, I’ve also eschewed any longer commentary about which aspects of a tool we use, how we use it, or where I’d like to see improvements. Ask me if you’re curious.

All opinions here are mine and I can guarantee there’s some dissenting opinions among the team 🙃


💜 = Love this and I can’t see us replacing it

✅ = Does the job we ask of it

✨ = New-ish—and promising—but still to be 100% proven

✋ = Hold additional usage/investment. I have some dissatisfaction and I’m open to replacements

🛑 = I’m actively looking for a replacements

Core tech

💜 Heroku

💜 Rails

💜 Sidekiq

💜 Postgres

💜 Redis

💜 RSpec

💜 Stripe

✅ Cloudflare DNS

✋ Cloudflare load balancing

✅ AWS S3

✋ AWS Cloudfront

✅ Caddy

✋ Wistia

✋ Netlify

SaaS apps

💜 Slack

💜 Basecamp

✅ Dropbox Paper

💜 Scalyr

💜 KnowYourTeam

✋ Lattice

💜 Github

✨ Github Actions

✅ Knapsack Pro

💜 Rollbar

✋ OpsGenie

✋ UptimeRobot

✨ Cronitor

✨ SorryApp

✋ Scout

🛑 VATLayer

✨ Rails Autoscale

Open source

✅ Bootstrap

💜 Stimulus

✅ React

✨ StimulusReflex

💜 ViewComponent

🛑 Gatsby

Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash