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Cloudflare Tunnels for Local Development

Sometimes you need to open up your local dev machine to the internet to show some WIP or receive a webhook. Here's a way to do that using Cloudflare Tunnels that works with subdomains, allows you to test Cloudflare headers, and doesn't cost anything…

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The Manager's Stack

As my job has changed from developer to manager, so Sublime Text and iTerm have become less important to me. I’ve substituted my old toolset for a new bunch of tools that help me to manage the dev team at [Podia](https://www.podia.com).


Communication > Coding

Obviously, we need to actually write some code to build the features, and fix the bugs, and refactor away the technical debt. However, often there's a choice and it's in those moments that we should always prioritise communication


The hidden effort in software

The visible progress in rowing is the sliding back-and-forth but the "hidden" effort from your legs is what actually makes you go faster. We should focus on the hidden effort in software too.